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Arruda Group

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The ARRUDA Group (AG) was founded by a team of senior executives who have years of experience at all levels of federal law enforcement, the intelligence community and the military. With over 150 years of combined investigative and analytic experience, in both criminal and national security matters, there is an expert to mitigate your risk.

Each individual at AG was recruited based upon their network and demonstrated
success in their previous careers. We have come together to share and apply our vast
knowledge and experiences to problem sets outside of government.

Why ARRUDA Group?

Our decades of experience in intelligence collection, confidential source handling, information elicitation, investigation, analysis and covert operations, as well as business consultation, is what sets us apart as experts in overall risk mitigation. The ARRUDA Group’s approach is very different from other risk mitigation companies in that we do not wait for technical solutions to identify anomalous events. We use intelligence to predict the events before they occur.

Along those same lines of attempting to change behavior, the prompt investigation of
anomalous behavior, coupled with intelligence, is crucial in detecting potential Insider Threat and Espionage activity. The majority of “strange” behavior exhibited by employees is never reported or it is explained away. In these instances, it is imperative that both physical and information security coexist as one, if not the result is an incomplete security posture. I witnessed this firsthand as a member of the Insider Threat Cell at one of the US Military’s Combatant Commands.

Our investigative team has initiated thousands of investigations, both domestically and internationally, and provided training globally, as such we are well equipped to provide your organization with a discreet specialized solution.

arruda group digital cyber security
arruda group digital cyber security

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