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Consulting and Risk Mitigation

Discreetly Providing Specialized Support to Your Organization

Consulting and Risk Mitigation

Discreetly Providing Specialized Support to Your Organization

Often there are situations that need to be handled with discretion, an allegation is just that.  But we all know that allegation can take on a life of its own, where perception becomes reality. The retired FBI agents at AG know, understand, and live by this concept.  Discretion is our norm; we are very skilled at confidentially conducting investigations.

Internal Investigations

Internal investigations must be handled confidentially and objectively as the accused employee’s future is at stake.  Our investigators are retired FBI Special Agents, with at least 25 years of experience in both criminal and national security investigations.  It goes without saying the amount of discretion necessary to successfully investigate a national security threat.  Our Internal Investigation service effectively provides the information necessary to move forward either to handle the situation internally or to turnover to law enforcement. Our experts help expose integrity concerns at any level, enabling you to take decisive action as soon as possible.

Litigation Support

The complexity of issues brought to trial today necessitates the assistance of experts to establish your position.  Often times experts are needed to expose derogatory information related to the other side.  With decades of investigative and interviewing experience, we can locate assets and provide the type of information to resolve arbitration or settle an issue out of court.

Executive Background Investigations

Senior Executives have become synonymous with the reputation, brand, and image of the company they represent.  As such, executive hiring presents its own challenges which makes it imperative to conduct proper screening.  We utilize the same techniques employed by the FBI to screen applicants. Our process combines a thorough OSINT review with both public and private database information and interviews to provide a complete assessment of the candidate.

Digital Protection

High Profile Individuals (HPI), such as Corporate Executives, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), and Athletes, all have the same attributes. These attributes include a highly visible public profile and considerable financial assets.  These positive attributes also have a downside, they mark you as a target for criminals.  The public profile makes it easy for criminals to collect large amounts of information on you and target you financially.

Our digital protection service begins with a Social Media Vulnerability Assessment of your internet presence to determine where you are vulnerable.  From the assessment, we make recommendations to mitigate the vulnerabilities.  Through our proprietary tools, we can proactively monitor the Dark Net for your digital assets including:

  • Domain(s)
  • E-mail addresses
  • Credit Card Numbers
  • 24 x 7 notification of issues

Please contact us to discuss your needs, we can build a plan to accommodate them.

Special Projects

Our vast experience in Intelligence, National Security, and Law Enforcement, provides us the ability to apply our skills to any problem set. Please contact us to discuss your situation.

Solutions for Security-Conscious Organizations


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