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91% of cyber crime begins with an email

What one thing determines whether your employees fall into the asset or liability category? It is training!! If your employees are trained they are an asset, if they are not trained they are a liability.  Following this same train of thought, employees are the weakest link to an organizations cybersecurity.  As such, 91% of cyber crime begins with an email.

Tailored Security Awareness Briefings (Cyber/Physical)

With decades of experience in education and training at all levels, we can design an appropriate program for your employees that is both engaging and informative.  It is important to note security has two sides, physical and cyber.  Some of the basic concepts apply to both, but they become very different quickly.  The most requested training programs involve email-based threats, phishing, spear phishing, ransomware and social engineering.

Hidden Social Media Threat

Social Media fuels Cyber Crime!!! As a society, we live our lives on Social Media and the criminals take full advantage of this.  Learn how, terrorists, criminals, and spies, “bad guys” take the seemingly innocuous information your employees post online and use it to compromise your company’s network. Specifically, you will see how these “bad guys” are able to take this information to create infected emails/documents that will be opened.  In these instances, it does not matter how robust your IT budget is, because the offender has totally bypassed it.

C-Suite Cyber Education

The first order of business for the C-Suite and the Board is to explain the rolls of the CTO and the CISO. They are two completely different individuals.  One is responsible for technology and the latter security. Their jobs may overlap in some places, but that is where it ends.  The next point is it is no longer if your network is compromised, it is when you discover the compromise.  Our roll is not to create cyber security experts, but to educate the C-Suite on the reality of cyber threat.

Covert OSINT Collection

How to establish your own intelligence collection platform at your organization. Students learn how to configure the equipment, provided to them, to traverse the Internet in a non-attributable mode.  They learn how and where to go to obtain the best intelligence. Finally, they learn how to refine and corroborate the intelligence to make it actionable.

arruda group digital cyber security
arruda group digital cyber security

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