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Can You Prevent Phishing Attacks

Phishing scams are on the rise. They are among the most profitable attacks on corporations and private citizens today. Cybercriminals trick unsuspecting users into sharing their credentials and information through phishing scams. In 2020 alone, the cost of these attacks has been estimated at over $54 million. Fortunately, you can avoid these attacks by training users to identify and prevent phishing attacks.

With so many junk emails and phone calls, many people wonder if there’s a way to stop them.

Why is Phishing So Dangerous?

Phishing is particularly dangerous as it involves real, credentialed access to your business. Your employees are a significant risk to your security. Imagine if somebody who had access to your business’s most vital areas wanted to do damage. That’s exactly what happens with a successful phishing attack. The average damage caused by a single attack is in the millions of dollars.

Phishing attacks have the ability to slip through standard security technologies. They aren’t always automated; they can be custom-tailored to suit the victim and behave like legitimate emails. Because they don’t contain anything obviously malicious, many email clients let them through. They rely on social engineering instead of malware.

How Can You Stop Phishing Attacks?

With a Secure Email Gateway, you’re able to block phishing attempts and other messages containing malicious software. This makes it the first line of defense against phishing attacks. A good email gateway will block nearly 100% of spam emails. They also delete any emails with dangerous links or files attached.

They also notify you if an account has been compromised. Email gateways are important for any organization, large or small. Several companies offer cost-effective email gateway services.

Inbox Protection Strategies

One of the biggest problems with phishing emails is that once an email is in your inbox, you are already under attack. When this happens, or an account is compromised, it’s very difficult to regain control. You can read our website to get an idea of just how dangerous these attacks can be at this point.

Luckily there are cloud-based email solutions that have advanced security features. These use AI and machine learning to detect phishing attacks – Even brand new, hand-crafted emails. This kind of protection is essential for organizations that handle sensitive data. Even better is that they work together with email security gateways.

Web and Email Isolation

Rather than figuring out how to blacklist a seemingly infinite number of attackers… Why not limit what your employees can access on your networks? You can isolate your network from outside emails entirely, prevent access to unauthorized websites, and more. In addition, you can choose to have users view the internet in a “read-only” mode, preventing any information from going out.

The Most Important Tool

Training is the single most important thing you can do to ensure security. The best gateway and AI in the world can’t prevent user error. You create active security by training your employees to recognize and respond to phishing attacks. An employee that recognizes and reports attacks is a valuable employee.

Arruda Group can help make your employees more valuable. By helping you design phishing defense training programs, you protect your business. An employee with training can utilize any tools you opt for more effectively. Most importantly, training turns insider threats into essential assets. So get in touch with us today and start cultivating security at your business.