How to Securely Boost Productivity

Workplace security should be a concern for everyone. With so many hours in the day and workloads increasing under the strain of a hiring crisis, mistakes can be made. A secure worksite is one where mistakes and stresses are minimized, but you must strike a balance to boost productivity. So how do you get the most out of the hours in your day without sacrificing security? This article will cover some tips to help your employees stay productive without putting themselves and your business at risk.

The biggest tip I can provide right away is to work deliberately. So many people get scammed because they act on impulse to do what scammers want. In that spirit, let’s move to our first tip.

1) Try the “Two-Minute” Rule

Coined by Steve Olenski, this is a proven way to make the most of the short time available at work. Encourage employees to identify tasks that they can finish in two minutes or less. Then, once they’ve found those tasks, do them immediately. Rather than saving easy things for the end, doing them right away prevents them from being forgotten and saves time compared to coming back to them later.

2) Track Time Usage

This encourages employees to do, rather than something to impose on them. If your workers are able to identify how much time they’re spending on a task (or a distraction), they’re more prone to using it wisely. This gives them fewer chances to get into trouble, and tools like Rescue Time can make this easier. Even the best employees can get caught up in social media, encouraging unsafe work habits.

3) Stop Multitasking

People seem to pride themselves on this skill, but neuroscience professor Earl K. Miller said it best. “Multitasking is not humanly possible,” he says. Research shows that toggling back and forth between two tasks makes you perform worse at both of them. This is because when you switch tasks, your brain has to “backtrack” along its neurons to get back to what it was doing before. This causes you to slow down. The last thing you want to do is distract yourself with your work!

4) Take Small Breaks to Boost Productivity

While sometimes it is tempting to abuse break time, studies show breaks to be beneficial. Taking regularly scheduled, short breaks during long tasks helps you stay alert and perform better. Conversely, if you work for a long period without rest, your performance diminishes steadily. For example, a five-minute walk around the office can boost mood, reduce hunger, and improve focus.

5) Work at Your Best

It’s normal to push some jobs aside until the last minute. However, doing this means working on our hardest tasks at the lowest energy levels. This leads to project schedules eating up extra days, which costs you money. Large tasks often need the most conscious concerns for security, as well. By putting them off, employees open themselves up to making more mistakes.

Encourage your employees to be more conscious of themselves as they work. By figuring out their rhythms of when they work bests, your employees can take advantage of these periods to do the truly important things. In addition, by keeping your employees at their best, you help keep your workplace secure and happy. This also prevents internal risks from developing, as content employees are loyal employees. If you need more tips on boosting productivity, contact Arruda Group for insights.