Top Five Cyber Threats to Be Aware Of

Every year brings new threats with it. Thankfully, every new year also makes cybersecurity a larger priority. The last few years have seen conditions emerge that caused cybercrimes to skyrocket. Social unrest, the pandemic, and increasing pressures have caused cybercrimes to become more severe. These threads will only become more complex as time goes on and thus more expensive to deal with. By 2025, experts expect the total cost of cybercrime to reach $10.5 trillion. The key to staying safe is to be informed and proactive. As of this month, the cybercrime landscape has again shifted. These are the five cyber threats to be the most aware of today.

1) Third-Party Attacks

Even if your network is internally very secure, less secure parties might have access to it. As the pandemic evolves and more companies hire remote workers, the risks increase. In addition, an increasing reliance on independent contractors puts secure systems at risk. The massive Facebook data breach in early 2021 was an example of a third-party breach. Facebook itself was not hacked. Rather, a contractor called Socialarks that Facebook employed was hacked. Because Socialarks had privileged access to Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin, so did hackers. Are you one of the 96% companies that give privileged access to third-party individuals?

2) Bad Cyber Hygiene

Do you have good cyber security habits? Unfortunately, your cyber hygiene degrades when you do risky things with technology. Do you use unsecured WiFi networks? How are your passwords stored? Almost 60% of passwords are stored by memory alone, with almost half of all companies keeping passwords on sticky notes. Remember to change your passwords often and enable two-factor authentication.

3) Configuration Errors

Even the largest companies will likely have at least one erroneously configured file. Mistakes in how software is set up can create vulnerabilities. With this in mind, studies have shown that 80% of external penetrations occur due to easily corrected configuration mistakes. Ensure your IT staff are trained to use the security tools properly and keep regular internal tests and maintenance logs.

4) Cloud Vulnerabilities

As more and more services move to the cloud for the sake of convenience, new vulnerabilities emerge. Because data security is still a major concern for companies moving forward. In 2022, “Zero Trust” security architecture could spread. These are networks that behave as if they are already compromised. It requires authenticated sign-ins at every step and is gaining popularity for its air-tight security. This is important, as some 90% of data breaches researched by Verizon involved web apps.

5) Social Attacks

Also called social engineering attacks, these are some of the most dangerous attacks. They rely on human error to work, because of this, it is easier to fool than a computer. Overall, 85% of all data breaches involve human contact, no matter the vector. Phishing, email fraud, and cryptocurrency attacks are expected to keep growing. Inform your employees of common tactics, and ensure they never provide credentials over the phone or email.

Preparing for cyber-attacks will be more important moving forward into 2022 as cybercriminals become more sophisticated. Prepare your staff with training and bring your unique circumstances to Arruda Group. We will make sure you and your business are ready to face whatever threats you face.