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Mistakes are a part of life. Proper training can greatly reduce the number of mistakes an individual makes with regard to e-mail.

The adversary greatly benefits from the mistakes we make related to e-mail. Clicking on the wrong e-mail, attempting to download from the wrong e-mail, responding to a request to enter your username and password into a website accessed from the wrong e-mail are all attributed to human error.  As mentioned earlier the majority of human error is just that, a mistake. 

Another form of human error has to do with patch management, has the IT guy done his job? Often times patching a new vulnerability, breaks other items. Patching is a necessary evil!!

It is not a smart choice to keep out of life cycle hardware on your computer network.  Out of life cycle translates to NOT supported hardware…there are no fixes or patches for vulnerabilities.

Misconfigured software is another example of human error that opens networks to an adversary. Capital One is very familiar this form of human error.  Please watch the short video.