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    Who is Liable in a Data Breach In the customer-business relationship, there are few things more important than security. Unfortunately, in recent years, data breaches have become an ever-increasing threat. We’ve previously detailed just how common these attacks are becoming […]

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    What to Do if You’re in a Data Breach Data breaches are becoming more common. As we’ve mentioned, even high-profile websites have passwords and more leaked. In our always-on, always-connected world, we can feel very secure… But the truth is […]

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    What Is Data Encryption? In the world of cyber security, there are few things as essential but invisible as data encryption. Data encryption takes data and scrambles it into a code called “ciphertext” or “cipherscript” according to one or many […]

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    Do I Need a Data Breach Plan? Data breaches are becoming facts of life. IT managers and business owners should face the reality that can be attacked. The question is about how often and through what means. The 2016 leak […]